Friday, July 3, 2009

creature comforts.

things i like today as i sit in my room and wish it was sunny enough for the beach:
{tyler candle company's LIMELIGHT candle}
it smells amazing and makes me feel close(r) to the beach.

{the away we go soundtrack}
i loved this movie's music. it fits so well with the beauty of love captured by mendes between these characters. aaron described the trampoline scene, "their vows to each other, even without the wedding," as his favorite part of the film. a reminder to him that stuck with him "because I'm not just living for myself, but for you, too." this is how he sees beauty, and it mesmerizes me, because to him, these characters don't make him wish for lives he sees portrayed. it reminds him to live more fully. and i can appreciate that. oh, and alexi murdoch's voice is peaceful and wistful and beautiful. please purchase it!

{tommy, the 18-year-old pup who snuggles with me every night. he's on loan}


rob and tiff said...

crazy, i just posted one of his songs to my playlist and then read your blog. it made me have tears. so sweet. love it.

Chelsea said...

just went to see that movie today.. and of course the theater projector was broken for that one movie... so i watched ice age instead. lol. gahhhh i wanna see it though!