Monday, June 22, 2009

Week One

I finished my first week of work this morning at 1:30 a.m. Hooray for weekends! The Cape has been a bit misleading in terms of how wonderful the summertime's been rainy and no warmer than 60 degrees for the last 5 days! I hear that around July 4 the warmth hits and it's beach time. I can't wait!

Today, my landlord is having surgery for breast cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. She and her family are wonderful hosts to me, and I'm going to miss their hospitality... I'm moving to a new home so she can have her three kids at their home while she recovers. Usually she takes an intern because two of the kids are gone, but with the surprising news, we had to be flexible. I'll be moving tonight and will get my new address soon.

Also, I turned 21 yesterday! I had my first drink at a local bar with the newsroom crew at about 12:30 Sunday morning: white peach sangria. It was funny to go to a bar (period) but also with co-workers at a job I'd had for only 3 days!

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