Monday, April 27, 2009

Countdown to the busiest summer ever.

In T-...
1 day: Final paper for Media Planning due
2 days: Linguafolio for Spanish due
5 days: Aaron's banquet/Nebby's
9 days: Spanish final (my only final.!!!!)

May 9-Aaron graduates with a B.F.A. (emphasis in Film and New Media)!

May 14-Twin cousins Clint and Craig high school graduation

May 17- Go home for one week

May 24- Fly w/ Nixes to Destin, Fl. for a week of relaxation

May 31- Fly to Penn State for copy editing intensive

June 12- Drive from Penn State to Hyannis, Mass., to prepare for internship

June 14- Begin copy editing internship at Cape Cod Times

June 21- I turn 21!

July 11- Mom, Dad and Jillian visit the Cape and Boston

Middle of August- End internship, drive from Massachusetts to Tallahassee, Fl., where I get to see my fiance for a couple of days before

August 20- go home for weekend and drive back to Lincoln

August 24- classes begin at UNL!

WHEW. That's my summer in a nutshell. Or list. Whichev.

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Jenny said...

sounds like a great summer to me - at least much more exciting than mine ;) i wish i could spend a summer on the cape and hanging out in florida and boston... can you feel the jealousy exuding from me?? btw: congrats on setting a wedding date - its coming soon!