Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I just finished looking on the Leon County (Tallahassee) Humane Society's web site. Every time I check the adoption lists, I can't help but want to rescue one of the kitties or frogs featured. Something in my heart finds it very wrong to allow an animal to be killed just because it's not a baby. I know that's not what always happens, but it does happen, and it makes me sad. 

I love my pets, but many of my friends would probably be surprised to know that this is something I really care about. I'm not a person who makes funny noises every time I see a dog or cat. [You know who you are :) ] Still, I think shelter pets are something anyone who's considering a new family member should consider... The chances that these little ones (and elderly ones, too) get homes are pretty slim the moment they arrive a shelter. 

I hope I can convince A. to adopt a shelter pet when it's time. 

{Jillian and Thatcher. Thatch Match is one of our two kitties adopted from the Smith County Humane Society}

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