Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've gotten in this habit of creating extraordinary lists to keep track of tasks and losing them. My solution:

Lots of little notebooks to tack reminders, labels, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and assignments to. I've always loved the simple notebooks, but my planner has become a decoupage of my life's activities. I love it. I especially love, in my planner, the lined right-hand page, which makes tedium seem more bearable because I have room to write down exact directions.

Secondly, I purchased one of the books from an earlier post. I am excited for the recommendations! I'm going to start with Gladwell's Outliers and progress down the list. Thank you, friends, for your suggestions. 

Early morning posts are fun. Promise I'll put something more thoughtful up later, but for now, I wish you readers a great *warm* day. 

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wesley hargrove said...

Moleskines rock. They are just awesome. I have the same planner, and it keeps me sane for sure.