Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 1.

Hoorah for inaugural postings! Tomorrow the Crunch and I are going to his family's home in the Western part of the state. From there we'll spend the long weekend white-water rafting, hiking, camping and enjoying the company of one another.

Then, Sunday, he and I will head 20 hours to the northeast to celebrate "The Anderson's at the Lakes," my family's celebration of my grandparent's 60 years of marriage. Pretty spectacular in an age where most love stories evolve from affairs or scandals. 

I've been neglecting reading for the past few months, and, though I would like to blame it on a hectic schedule or lack of material, I have 3 unpacked boxes of books in my apartment and I spent last Saturday watching Jersey Girl, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and assorted episodes of MTV's made all afternoon. Pathetic? Anyway, I'm looking for material, so please pass along authors/titles you've enjoyed.

I recently wrote an article for the website about Ted Sorensen, Nebraska alumnus and former Kennedy adviser and speechwriter, and was ecstatic to learn of his hosting a luncheon for Scott Kleeb's senate campaign. Really great writer and interesting man.

Finally, I want one:

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