Monday, January 21, 2013

A Varied Post on MLK Day

Today Aaron pointed out that Shepherd's lived in Nebraska almost as long as he lived in Florida. I can't believe we've been here that long or that Shep is old enough for that to be a true statement! I am struggling for a cohesive post today, so I'm just going to bullet through these in hopes that I record the things I want to record.

  • Aaron is home from his trip to Sheboygan/Milwaukee. We hate when he is gone! Me especially. Especially when our pilot light goes out and I have no idea how to relight it. Oops!
  • Shepherd turned 11 months old yesterday! When the light is better (and the sun is out) I will take his 11 month pictures on the high chair.
  • We put up a row of hooks by our back door. This may seem like a little thing, but it has made such a huge difference in clearing clutter! We don't have a hall closet or any place to put coats, which in this freezing weather is no bueno, but now we can put our coats, bags, etc. away immediately. 
  • It's snowing again. I love the snow, but I don't like the mess that it drags in. Along with no coat closets, we also have no porch overhang or mudroom, so we pretty much drag in all of the snow and mud every time we walk in the door. Yuck. Our next home will have to have a mudroom... I feel like I'm always swiffering the kitchen to keep the mud at bay! 
  • I am looking forward to my family's reunion in Las Vegas in February. I've never been, and I can't wait! I'm excited to see all of my side of the family, and glad that all three of us are going! We are crossing our fingers that Jillian can come, too. 
  • Shepherd has started pointing people/things out to me when I ask him. He can point out Mama, Daddy, Sheppy, Toby Cat and Livy Cat. We are working on our extended family! :) I am blown away by how much he has advanced in the last few weeks. He is such a good communicator (for better and worse!) and very capable at signing. He is very impatient, though; his "mores" turn quickly from the gentle sign language to slamming his hands on the high chair tray and yelling "mo! mo! mo!" Ha! He just loves to eat!
  • Our MacBook Pro has served us well for more than five years, and it is on it's last leg. The battery exploded while Aaron was in Wisconsin, and the power cord gave out that same day. Working from home with no computer is impossible, so we bit the bullet and bought a new power cord. We're holding off on buying a new battery, though, as a new computer is probably in our future. It's time!
  • I love that something as simple as hanging a bird feeder can pay residuals in happiness gained.
That is all the rambling I should post today. A baby just woke up from a nap, and he sounds very unhappy that he's still in his crib. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! 

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