Sunday, September 23, 2012

Movin' On Up

So, this weekend we decided to move our bedroom upstairs. In our 104-year-old house, this meant figuring out a way to get our mattress up a staircase that has a clearance of fewer than 40 inches and turning a right angle. When we first moved in to our rental, sight unseen because of circumstances, we didn't have time to measure or plan where anything would go. In fact, our movers got here before we did, and they were waiting in the driveway when we got here. 

They were already unpacking the truck before we'd gone inside the house, so we quickly started designating rooms. The movers said they could manage getting our mattress up the flight of stairs, but said there was no way they could fit our box spring mattress up the staircase, so we quickly decided we'd stay in the third bedroom (downstairs). I regretted that decision almost immediately... the movers were gone, though, and Aaron and I were exhausted, so we didn't move anything. We just wanted to be settled!

So, we stayed with the furniture in this configuration for a month trying to adjust to it. We never did. Finally, we decided we'd just do it and get it over with and switch rooms. This morning we cleared the upstairs with boxes we never unpacked (I always knew we would end up moving) and switched the third bedroom/office and our master bedroom. I love it already... we have so much more room, more light and we are near Shepherd's room.

The only catch was we couldn't have our box spring. Aaron pulled and I pushed the mattress up the tiny staircase, broke down our bookshelves and moved DVDs and books, broke down and rebuild the bed frame and finally had all of the big pieces reassembled in their new homes. Without the box spring, though, our mattress sunk into the frame, so we had to make an emergency trip to Lincoln for plywood. Neither hardware store in Seward was open on Sunday! 

It was a tight fit to get the sheets of plywood in Aaron's car, but we managed, and got home just in time to get ready for a surprise party we went to tonight. I am looking forward to sleeping in our "new" bedroom tonight, and think this configuration is going to work a lot better for having a separate "library," aka craft and office space. Now we need a desk and some filing space to have a functional space! Here's a sorta-panorama of the space in transition: 

and an adorable baby I saw at Home Depot: 

It's funny how small changes make a house feel like a home. We aren't in love with our rental, by any means, but I am realizing that there's no reason for me to wait to do some of the things I want, like switching around our rooms, until we are in our own home, or the next place we live, or wherever. That thought process keeps me from rooting myself where I am and living life as it happens, instead paralyzing me by waiting for something better.

I struggle with getting ahead of myself, especially when I have to deal with the quirks of this place, but it's my experience that once I stop trying to make something work that isn't intended for me and just be opportunities better than those I try to construct come about. Just another lesson that the grass is greener where you water it.

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Smitten Design said...

love that grass is greener where you water it. saw that quote on none other than pinterest and it has stuck with me.