Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Weekend in Tyler

We left Friday night and drove to Tyler, Texas for the weekend. Actually, the reason for our trip was so Aaron could meet up with his dad, brother, uncle and cousins for a tradition they have; it just so happens that his uncle and cousins live a couple of hours from my parents.
We left around 6 p.m. And drove through the night, arriving at my parents around 5 a.m. Aaron slept through the morning while Shepherd and I spent time with my parents. Aaron left in the afternoon and drove to Frisco.

My sister has a day-long break on Saturdays (she is a camp counselor at Pine Cove for the summer) and so we got to spend the day poolside with her, Hayden and my parents. Mom and Dad got Shepherd a little boat that he adored. He spent a really long time in it and loved swimming around, especially splashing. He would get a really serious look and slam his hands in the water; this went on for hours. He was definitely worn out by bedtime.

Aaron got home early Sunday morning, and we had a big breakfast before Jillian went back to camp. We spent the rest of the day at the pool again; so thankful for that luxury on hot summer days! I also came to the conclusion that there is definitely something about Tallahassee humidity that makes it unbearable. It was 100 degrees in Tyler, but they time we spent outside felt much more comfortable compared to the mid-90s in Tallahassee. I was so glad for a chance to be outside and not be soaked with sweat!

We left on Monday morning around 9, which is pretty late for us. It was a quick but fun trip, and when we got home, we had driven 2000 miles. Not bad for a long weekend! 

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