Saturday, July 7, 2012

baby stuff: bottles

I think we have found a bottle that we like love, and I do mean we, Aaron and me included! Ma, Shepherd's babysitter, bought a couple MAM bottles for Shepherd to try because he started to get fussy with his Playtex VentAire, and the Dr. Brown's bottles were annoying to clean.

I didn't know the brand, but Ma gave us an extra bottle, and we were delighted that it is a bottle that he happily takes from Aaron. Each of the other bottles Aaron tried to feed Shepherd using was a bit of a struggle, as he would outright reject it (Medela, Tommy Tippee) or take a little and fuss (Playtex, Dr. Brown's). Not so with the MAM!

If we hadn't found the MAM, we probably would have continued using our Dr. Brown's bottle. It worked well enough, but Shepherd would stop to play, sometimes getting restless and fussy with it and making feeding difficult. The Dr. Brown's bottle is a little more time consuming to wash because of the components, including the straw, which requires a pipe cleaner. The MAM is self-sterilizing and easy to disassemble and wash. We hand wash ours, but it's dishwasher safe, too. 

FYI, If you are in the bottle market, MAM is offering a $2 off coupon for "liking" their facebook page.

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Julia said...

We used Dr. Brown's bottles with our daughter as that was the ONLY bottle she would take. And yes, they were very time consuming to wash. My husband convinced me to start running them through the dishwasher and they came out just as clean and I save a lot of time! Glad you found a bottle that works well for Shepherd.

emily/thesearethedays said...

Julia, as crazy as it sounds, I liked washing the Dr. Brown's bottles. It was like a ritual to me, but my husband didn't like it at all! Compromise :)