Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mid-week brain dump.

1. Shepherd's three and four month posts aren't up. They aren't even done. I'm disappointed in myself because I want to record these things. I have a terrible memory for some things, and if I don't write them down I will forget them. I am going to sit myself down and finish them (both) by Friday. Thankfully, I have a calendar that I am jotting down notes and events on. I can reference it, and I'm pretty diligent about recording.

2. Anybody else's mind blown that it's the last week of June?

3. This week has been crazy. Tropical storm Debby, aka Debby Downer, has made life crazy since Sunday. Huge rains, flooding, crazy wind, power outages... I guess this is my official initiation into being a Florida resident (aside from the car registration, of course). The air conditioner is out at work for the rest of the week, too. Friday can't come soon enough.

4. I am on a cleaning rampage lately. Yesterday it was the bedrooms. Tonight I cleaned the kitchen and the carpet in the dining area, which, let me tell you, I LOATHE carpet. Especially in areas where people eat or drink. My next home will not have carpet in gathering places.

5. When I get my mind set on something it is next-to-impossible to break my focus. Lately my thoughts have been centered around finances. I hate paying for the past. I've been an excel spreadsheet addict lately, plugging in scenarios and playing with numbers.

6. These storms are taking a toll on all of us, Shep included. He gets so fussy when it's really bad. Thankfully, he's sleeping through the night despite his irritability.

7. I have a stack of about ten unread magazines just sitting on the side table. They are foes in the war against clutter that I am waging (by myself) in our house. Have you ever just wanted to get rid of everything?! That's where I am.

8. My dad's best friend (who is practically my second dad) had heart surgery yesterday, and he is doing well today, but I'm sure his family would appreciate prayers!

9. Sometimes I don't know what I was thinking when I bought my small car, and I get to thinking I want an SUV. Then I think about point #5 and the fact that I spend relatively little on gas and am content again.

10. July 4 falls on a Wednesday, which means we probably won't be able to watch fireworks, as we will have to be up early for work.

11. I could go for one of these right now.

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