Thursday, May 24, 2012

week end

(here's what's spinning around in my brain:)

I'm so ready for a weekend with my boys.

This is the first Memorial Day weekend in a long time that we have zero plans. I wish we had plans jto travel.

It's amazing how much money is saved by avoiding Target.

We haven't bought groceries in almost a month. We are squeaking by until Saturday.

Aaron's movie is screening at Phoenix Comicon Film Fest tonight.

I get pangs of homesickness for Nebraska around this time each year. I told Aaron this week that I wanted to buy some land there, even if it's just a few acres. I really wasn't kidding.

I wish we could go camping. Our tent sits unused in our storage.

My handwriting is one of my favorite distinctions. I wish I knew calligraphy.

We are thinking about moving apartments. It's a long story.

Shepherd wakes up with the happiest smiles. That little boy brings me such joy.

His sitter has sent us home with cookie cupcakes, pecan coconut cookies, Mexican pizza and German Chocolate cookies this week. In a word, awesome.

I read a book this week that is making me rethink just about everything we buy and our motivation behind it. It didn't stop me from getting bux this morning, though.

I have so many errands to run, but since I'm taking my lunch and eating at work + picking up Shep, I haven't done a single one in two weeks. I need two hours and I'll feel a lot better.

I keep thinking about the pedicure I wanted to get before Shepherd was born and how he surprised us and thus no pedi. My sister's rule is to wait 30 days before buying something to make sure you really want it. If I'm still thinking about that three months later, should I get it?

We have been going to 9 a.m. church and I love it. The Sunday night midtown service we'd been going to begins right at Shep's most fussy time. Oh well.

On our trip to Hilton Head I discovered I loved peanut butter M&M's.

Most people ask me if Shep is five or six months old. I am going to have to fold a lot of clothes this weekend and put them away in storage. He's growing like a weed.

We have been working on becoming morning people. Most mornings we just repeatedly tell each other it's time
to wake up and alternate falling back asleep. This goes on for about 20 minutes. It's pretty funny.

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Julia said...

I know what you mean about Target, I seriously spend so much money there every week. I really need to start avoiding that store more often. You know I have really tried to become a morning person, but I am just not. Our daughter is up early most mornings by 6:30 or 7:00. I'm okay after a cup of coffee, but really mornings are just not favorite. Happy Weekend! Enjoy your time with family!