Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Other Side

Thank you so, so much for all of the sweet notes and texts and calls, etc. I am so relieved and happy to tell you that today went ten thousand times better than I anticipated.

Aaron dropped off and picked up Shepherd today, which was a lot to ask of him. I am so thankful he did, though, because it made my morning so much easier. I knew I would be a mess if I had morning drop-off, and this way I could focus on having a bit of a transition time at work. It was good to be back with all of my colleagues, but I was ready for the end of the day when it came.

At our sitter (Ma's) house, Shep took two good naps and enjoyed playing in the jumperoo and meeting the other babies. Aaron said Shep was all smiles when he left, which made me happy. Shep fell asleep around 8 p.m. tonight... Baby boy was worn out! Since he didn't eat much during the day, he has been nursing quite a bit more this evening. I don't mind a bit despite the dishes in the sink. I missed those happy grins so much!

The commute meant the boys got home a good bit later than we are used to, and we also won't be eating lunch together at home in order to save money on gas. Those things are not fun, but they're manageable. It was an early morning today, and I'm glad we successfully went through a full day and we paved the way for our new routine. For dinner, we ordered a pizza and Aaron made Coke floats. No gourmet meals tonight. I am already in bed at 9 p.m. I'm exhausted! I'm hoping for a few solid hours of sleep.

So that's my little update. I am happy I can say my anxious heart was calmed today; something I know was not any of my doing!

Here's to a restful night!

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