Sunday, May 13, 2012

Her First Mother's Day

Today is Emily's first Mother's Day.  I always knew Emily would be a great mother.  The first time I saw her around kids I could see that she was a natural.  I was never surprised even when we were dating and Emily would be pinning cute baby stuff on Pinterest.  Not to give me a hint, but simply because she liked looking at pretty things.  She's always been drawn to her inner child, but also having her motherly instinct.

This past year has been difficult, painful, and disheartening at times.  But in the midst of everything, a beautiful gift has been given to us.  We've fallen in love with Shepherd from the moment we found out he was on the way.  He took us both by surprise.  As much as we loved him before he was here it was impossible to imagine how much we would love him once he arrived in our arms.

I will never forget seeing Emily hold Shepherd for the first time and thinking how brave Emily was while having him.  I've never felt prouder in my life.  She was and has continued to be the definition of selfless.  Sometimes it makes me cry because of how beautiful they are together.

It's hard to put into words how my love for Emily has compounded since Shepherd has entered our family.  The mother-child relationship is breathtaking, gentle, and irresistible.

I decided to cut together a simple video that highlights me and Shepherd's love for Emily.


Julia said...

Happy "First" Mother's Day to you! Hope you enjoyed a lovely day with your family!

Tia Peterson said...

This made me cry. What a beautiful video and an amazing tribute to your family. I love you all.

I also like the Livis and her cameo...)