Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the adventures begin! Shepherd and I are flying to Texas to spend a week seeing family and friends in my hometown. I am a little nervous about how he will do on the plane, and I'm wondering if you have any advice for flying with a seven-week-old. I have heard horror stories about traveling with a baby, and I'm also nervous that Shep will scream the entire flight. Our flight is non-stop and is two and a half hours. Since Aaron isn't able to come with us, I'm limited to the amount of things I can bring on the flight, and I'd prefer to be hands-free. I'm thinking about wearing Shep in the Moby, as it usually keeps him very happy (and sleepy!). 

Do you have any advice for flying with an infant? 
What about while we are traveling? 
I'd appreciate any and all of it! 

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Stephanie Hain Torres said...

Bottle or breastfeed during takeoff and landing to help with their ears. Otherwise, you should be good at this age! The sound of the plane is like white noise and they usually sleep through the entire flight. At least, our HUT did when we took him on the plane at 12 weeks. I also have a couple of posts on my blog from when I was worried about taking him last year...

Good luck!