Saturday, January 7, 2012

31 and 32 Weeks

Time to play catch-up with these weekly posts! 

32 weeks_resize

Since we last chatted, we have finished childbirth classes, taken a 3000-plus-mile road trip over Christmas break and dropped down to fewer than 50 days before this little guy makes his grand entrance.

The biggies:

  • me, obviously- I feel like a humongous whale. At my doctor's appointment yesterday I had gained 14 pounds total, which my doctor was very happy about, and I was very meh about. I swear I can feel feet kicking my lungs, and driving in the car with a very active little one jumping around on my bladder ensured plenty of pit stops. Aaron wasn't a fan of this stopping business since we are usually go, go go, but he obliged. According to the various baby websites, he is finished growing length-wise and will now be gaining weight to fatten him up before delivery.
  • We are taking a prenatal breast feeding class in two weeks at Best Beginnings in Tallahassee. I say "we" and laugh at the response I got from Aaron when I told him "we" signed up: "Will there be lots of women with...little babies...feeding them...there?" Poor guy.  I am thankful I am going to be able to try breastfeeding. My doctors had warned me that if surgery was required before the baby was born, I would likely not be able to. Thankfully, the radiologist and surgeon agreed that I just need to monitor the lump and will be able to go at least six months. 
  • I caught a cold when we were in Texas, and it has kicked my butt all week. Hoping it clears up by the end of the weekend; we still have a lot of work to do.... which leads me to:
  • the baby's room! I am so stuck on this. I have a lot of different inspiration boards and ideas I like, but I haven't pulled the trigger on one because I can't just make a decision. We still need to do a lot (Ok, everything) for this room. In six weeks. Eeesh. Good thing my mom is a quick seamstress.
  •  We are getting more and more excited. When I think about the baby being here in six or seven weeks, I honestly can't fathom it. I don't know how "your entire life is about to change" looks, but we are ready to find out. As soon as the baby's room is done. :)

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Julia said...

You look great! Hope you are feeling better soon! Colds are no fun, especially when you are pregnant. I would be glad to help and give you advice on baby boy's room. I am always up for a new design project. Kids rooms are the most fun to decorate. Just let me know if I can help.