Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Victorian Christmas in Thomasville, Georgia

Last Friday, Aaron and I drove to Thomasville, Georgia, to experience their Victorian Christmas. When we got to Thomasville, we were surprised with how many people were in the blocked-off downtown area. We had to drive around for a while before we found parking, and the chilly breeze made our walk down the brick streets feel truly Christmas-like. 


The streets were lined with trees with lit ornaments hanging down and we had to meander through a huge crowd in order to browse in some of the shops. I loved seeing the period costumes. There were also Civil War reenactors there, who were wearing Confederate uniforms.



This cute old man and his wife had a pair of Scotties, one black and one white. I wish I had a picture of the four of them together in their outfits. They looked fantastic.


The quaint downtown looked perfectly Christmas-like. I was disappointed, though, with how congested the area was, because it was impossible to shop in any of the stores. There were some fantastic displays, thought.



By about 8:30, we were ready to head home, but not before sharing a cup of cookies and cream ice cream. 





Julia said...

Looks like a really fun time! The cookies and cream ice cream sounds so yummy!

Chelsea Anne said...

This looks beautiful!
You guys are turning into great photographers! Love the photos