Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Second Anniversary

Wow, this second year of marriage has been so different than our first. I don't know how love grows and mellows or what makes it do that, but the frenetic pace of year one slowed down this year, and many of our newlywed complaints and problems dissipated as we learned how to better live alongside each other. You finished graduate school and we began to grow our family. You've become the chef in our family, and you regularly make us dinner. You've also turned in to quite the baker. I feel like this is the trade-off, as I am the chief laundry officer.


You have always been my serious husband, and this year, as you've grown from student to non-student, you've become more serious and sometimes your worry makes your face look ashen. I know why you worry and I wish you didn't, but I am even thankful for that, because the reasons you worry are because you love your little family and want to take care of us in the best way you can. And when you're happy, your joy is palpable, and you are one of the most genuinely glad people I've ever met.


I am looking forward to journeying in to this next year and watching you grow from husband to husband and father. You are so eager to meet this little baby boy that I can't even believe it. I know you can't wait until he can play basketball or catch with you.  I can't wait to see you teach him things that bring him joy and show him how to love life as a child and grow in to a man. He couldn't have a better example for that.


I don't think this year was what we expected it to be, for better and, sometimes, for worse. I don't mind not knowing, though, because I know you are there to hold my hand as we figure it out together. You are my favorite person in this world, and I am so proud to be your wife and best friend.


Please don't stop dreaming your big dreams. And I won't stop dreaming mine. I can't wait for the next year, and the next 50.


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