Monday, November 28, 2011

27 Weeks

27 weeks: the end of the second trimester!

How am I feeling this week? I haven't noticed any remarkable changes this week. I was nervous about driving to Texas and sitting in the car for 12 hours, but we took enough breaks to get gas and bathroom stops that I was able to get up and move enough. I was really concerned about this, but the only side effect of the drive seemed to be a tired back. It filled up my heart to spend time in Tyler with my family, and seeing how excited my family is about Baby Guy just makes me that much more excited. He is going to be so loved! Now, if only we could find a way to be closer. 

Other physical changes: I've noticed a little bit of heartburn this week. Will this guy have a head full of hair? Both his daddy and I did. We'll see! I have an appointment later this week, so we'll also see what my total weight gain has been so far.

Movement: I loved being able to share with my mom and dad the movements, especially after eating chocolate pie. He loved it! Driving was another time he was exceptionally active. I have noticed the jabs getting harder and harder, and some of them make me wince, not because they really hurt, but because the twinge I feel is unexpected. I can also more clearly feel his movement, and this week I noticed that I instinctively thought about his movement when I felt like he had been still for a long period of time. There seems to be less of a schedule regarding his movement this week, but much more movement overall.

Cravings: We are back to fruit! Also, my most favorite road trip snack, beef jerky. And I am so glad we got to have Grandy's mashed potatoes when we were in Tyler! 

Etc.: My mom and sister are insistent on guessing the baby's name. Actually, my sister just wants me to tell her. Not yet! This week I had a wonderful baby shower in Tyler, and I was/am overwhelmed by the love! My sister drove home from College Station Friday morning after the A&M/UT game Thursday night, baked and cooked, decorated and hosted a lovely shower. I am so grateful to her, my mom and our friends who were able to attend. Fun pictures to come! 

I feel more prepared with each passing week. I think hearing the advice from women who have been down this road, but who all have different stories to share, makes me feel confident that we have the things we really need. It's overwhelming to think about preparing for a baby, but knowing that such an amazing support system exists for me and Aaron and the baby is invaluable and helps me sleep at night. Not that I need any help falling asleep! 

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Julia said...

I had heartburn for my entire pregnancy. I always had Tums on hand. My baby girl was born with a head full of dark brown hair. All the heartburn is worth it in the end. Take care!