Monday, October 24, 2011

iWish iHad Preordered

I have been kicking myself for the last two and a half weeks. You see, I have a three-year-old iPhone 3G (that's right, there's no S at the end of that) and I am due for an upgrade. Since I didn't upgrade to an iPhone 4, thinking I would wait until the next generation was introduced, I planned to preorder when the opportunity came up.

Well, the time cameand went and I still don't have my new phone. Why? Because I was dumb. Truly. I thought to myself: I will preorder as soon as I can, which just happened to be during the week I was traveling. By the time I thought about it again, I found out preorders were closed and I'd have to wait until the phone was in store. Then, two Fridays ago, I was traveling in Sarasota and was unable to get a new phone. I practically stalked our local AT&T store, gave up on them, and today I just decided I would order through Apple.

Of course, that Thursday night in Sarasota, my phone went to the death screen. It kept freezing, and I kept trying to just power off the phone. No luck. I left the phone alone for 15 minutes, tried to turn it off again, and then it had the "please connect to iTunes" screen displayed. Unusable. Can I just say how strange it was to not be able to call Aaron to say goodnight, check my email, set my phone alarm or contact anyone for the next 24 hours?! It definitely showed how much I rely on my phone for so much of my daily interactions. And then, the next day as I got home, my phone was totally cleared. All of my pictures, contacts, information, EVERYTHING were gone. I don't know why my iTunes backup didn't work, but it didn't. So.

That brings us to today.

Aaron and I are on my family's "family plan," although we pay for our service, so when I tried to check out with my new phone, the default shipping address was to my dad. If you know my dad this is hilarious, mostly because he is more Jitterbug than iPhone, and yet he is the only person who can receive and sign for this phone as the primary account holder. This drives me nuts! So, all this to say, I didn't end up ordering my new phone.

Lesson learned, I guess. I'll let you know when I'm in this century.

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