Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I picked up Words With Friends again, and I played pretty well for a while, but now I put it down again. It's like this with any song I like or my favorite foods; I do it a lot and then I get tired of it. My user name is EmilyNix if you want to play... just don't be mad if I don't pick up your game for a few days.

I looked at the Sundance website today. I kept thinking how cool it would be if Aaron's movies made it to a major festival. I want him to be successful. Of course I do. I think it's interesting to measure what success to him and success to me mean, respectively, for his career. I wonder if they're similar. Honestly, I'd like to go to the Academy Awards some day. :)

Did you know since we got married, Aaron and I haven't purchased a single piece of furniture together? I like to think that when grad school is over maybe we can get a new table. I really don't like ours.

I still have Easter decorations up in my house. Granted, it's only a sign and a tin pail of spotted eggs, but it's still out there. I should probably be putting those away instead of blogging.

I wonder where we'll be in one year. I feel strangely (and newly) attached to where we are, thanks to the great friends I've made here. I will be sad to leave when the time comes. I am dreading living here in the hellish summertime, though. We are going to have air conditioner wars again.

My tenth grade history teacher, whose name escapes me, had a sign on his wall that said "Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without." I think I'm going to make a sign like that and frame it up to put in Aaron's bathroom. It is certainly his motto. Almost every shirt and pair of shorts he's worn in the last week have been holey messes. I don't mean mendable; I mean time to turn them in to rags. He doesn't obviously need nice clothes on set, but I think it's time to buy a couple T-shirts, nice shirts and pairs of shorts for the guy. And some tennis shoes. He's not going to like that one bit.

I really adore myfitnesspal. I love that almost every food is listed and many are verified. I'm bouncing between the shred, slim-in-six, swimming laps, running C25K and the elliptical at our gym right now. I like the different work outs, but I'm not sure if it would positively affect my results to do just one or two of these activities. Any thoughts?

I am really excited about kiss + tell me. I hope other people can be, too. It's a little tricky, though, to navigate all of the ins-and-outs of what is working and what isn't working and if any of it will work at all. Vulnerable. But confident. And, I truly believe in what I do.

Someone stole money from one of our accounts yesterday and bought two plane tickets under his own name. How silly. At least we were protected.

My sister gets to go home for the summer at the end of the week. She will be working at a pottery cafe. I hope she makes lots of cute things and sends them to me. Hint. I am also excited for my family's beach trip in July. I hope Aaron can come.

How are you guys?


Jillian Anderson said...

Mrs. Marler

emily/thesearethedays said...

haha, no, not Jan. He was an old man.

emily/thesearethedays said...

it must have been my junior year...