Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project: Painting the kitchen cart

One of my goals for the month was to paint the kitchen cart, and I finally did it. Here is what the cart looked like before. Our kitchen has very little storage, and last spring we bought this cart to give us room to put the pots and pans we got from one of my bridal showers. We got the cart from Ikea.

The before:

I had several thoughts about what color I should paint the cart. I absolutely love the map hanging above it, and I thought about matching the reds. When I got to the store, though, I saw a blue color from Martha Stewart's line that looked so fun and fresh, and I went with my instinct and purchased a sample size. 






I was able to cover the entire surface at least once with the sample size. I got two coats in some places, but I think I'm going to need to buy another sample to get the best coverage.

And the after:


So bright! I am usually timid with my color choices, and I am glad I chose something a little out of my comfort zone, because this really isn't too out there.


Yea! What do you think?

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Danielle Hawes said...

I LIKE! You need to seriously come decorate my house!! :)