Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate night shoots.

Last night Aaron came home at about 3 a.m. from a night shoot. I heard a huge crash and then a string of cursing, ran into the kitchen where the commotion came from and saw a man standing in the dark. I screamed (and kept screaming) until the shadowed figure yelled over me, "IT'S OK!" I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we're crazy.

I always knew it was Aaron, but something about him standing in the kitchen in the dark scared me enough to yell out. I think it was the noise from my toolbox, which I left out on the counter, falling onto the ground and spilling out everywhere.

I was so upset that I just started bawling. I ran into the bedroom and just kept crying. I can't give you a rational explanation for my outburst, only I was really, really sad that I was woken up. Not even mad. Sad.

All of this happened in a span of about 15 seconds. It's true; film school is ruining my sleep schedule and my sanity. And I'm still not sure why Aaron was eating something in the kitchen in the dark.


Aaron Nix said...

Because I just got home and hadn't eaten all night.

Emily Nix said...

That's why you didn't turn a light on?