Friday, April 1, 2011

Have a good weekend!

Hello bunnies! Did you get April fooled today? I haven't yet...!

I feel like spring is here, and I am excited for it. At work we discussed having a spring salad "cook off," and Jennifer printed out the April edition of her world famous to-do list featuring bunny ears, clouds and Easter egg colors. Can you believe it's already April? This weekend my sister-in-law Shannon is visiting from Chattanooga. I want to take her to my favorite little town in Georgia and then we'll visit Aaron on set, too. I am excited we have a visitor!

Shannon, Aaron and me at the rehearsal dinner for our wedding

Here are some pretty things to enjoy this weekend if you find yourself on the web: 
Styled mag by A Subtle Revelry: The colors are so fun, and I love the tagline!
The third issue of Matchbook magazine featuring lots of cute stuff; and

Have a great weekend!

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Legally Married said...

Your dress is super-cute in that pic! :)