Monday, March 7, 2011

Parents' trip to town

This weekend was perfect. My parents visited us, and Aaron and I showed them around some of our favorite places in Tally and surrounding areas. They especially liked Thomasville and it's fantastic downtown and shops. Almost every store had a sidewalk sale, and we found some fun things. I got a rug for the kitchen for $6 and a book for $2; Mom got a necklace, a kitchen rug like mine, a present for my sister ($2—can't wait until my sister sees it), a gardening journal for $1 and some other goodies.

Aaron had to come back to town to meet up with his director of photography for his film, so when he left, Mom and I went out to get groceries for dinner and to do a little more exploring. Daddy finished painting the Alamo, and it looks great.

For dinner we grilled steaks outside because it was so beautiful and because my dad doesn't like going out to restaurants. We watched movies and talked and just enjoyed being together. We also watched Dateline and the madness surrounding Charlie Sheen. My dad does a hilarious Sheen impression, and he kept saying "winning" all weekend. We missed my sister, though, who doesn't have spring break until the following week.

Things I don't want to forget about their trip:

  • I told my dad to be careful about the bed frame because it is metal and hurts if you stub your toe on it or hit it. I told him be careful moving around. He thought I meant the mattress would fall through the metal frame (or something) and the next morning he told me he tried not to move at all in the night. I was so confused. Then my mom explained us to each other and it all made sense. That has pretty much been the relationship between me, my mom and my dad since I was 12. 
  • The Charlie Sheen quotes. "WINNING!"
  • Mom, Dad and Aaron tried my spinach smoothie. The boys were so annoying about it because of the spinach, but at least Mom liked it. Or pretended to.
  • My dad calls Toby TNT now. I can't remember why. I'll have to ask him. 
  • The Lebanese conversation.

One day soon we're going to live close-by. That will be a great day.

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Chelsea Anne said...

I LOVE the photo of you and your folks. That's classic. Please frame it haha. :)
My dad makes up nicknames for everything too haha :)
And I agree, I wish I too could one day move back closer to my folks and family... if only the ocean were closer to E. Tex :((