Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update: Should I stay or should I go?

Remember last month when I told you we were considering downsizing from our two bedroom, two bath apartment into a studio carriage house?

Well, we decided to stay put.

Here is our half-chosen, half-destined explanation as to why we didn’t move in to the carriage house:

For months I’d been craigslisting carriage houses, and the same few kept reappearing. I made a note of the properties and the contact information of the realtors representing them, and Aaron called the realtor who represented three of the four properties. The realtor seemed very hesitant when Aaron told him there would be two tenants. Along with that, the realtor said there would be no guarantees of parking, internet and cable (unlike what the posts said), along with an astronomical pet deposit and monthly fee. Ultimately, the realtor flat-out told Aaron he was uncomfortable with two people living in such a small area, and he/the landlords did not want to rent to someone in February, when our lease would run out and we would be able to move.

After this conversation, it was incredibly clear that we weren’t supposed to move. All of the potential benefits of moving to a carriage house were squelched. We weren’t really fazed by it, to be honest. We knew that we had a very limited time period – one week – to make a decision about moving anywhere because of our plans travel the last two weeks in December.  We decided it would make more sense to stay put for now, and we are happy with our decision. The only thing we don’t like? A $40 increase in our monthly rent.

I would have really liked to move. I wanted to purge all of our belongings, save money, and move somewhere new. But as I’ve become a regular patron of our property’s fitness center, I’ve realized how much I enjoy not paying to do this. I also like not forwarding our mail, change-of-address forms and not hiring movers (because Aaron is in production I would have done all of the moving by myself hired strong men to move the furniture).
Though we're not moving, my purging, organizing and selling furniture and other stuff is an ongoing to-do. I was re-watching my favey Flipping Out last night and Jeff's top advice was to take 1/3 of all of your "stuff" and put it in storage; I plan to do just that starting this weekend, although I instead of putting it in storage, I plan to sell/donate it.

In the end, all's well that ends well.

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