Thursday, January 13, 2011

blog housekeeping

some new + some improved + some updated features on the blog! if you're browsing the blog through reader, I hope you'll click out of it, check out the changes and let me know what you think.
  • new blog header.
  • updated flickr if you want to see our pictures.
  • new list on the side of the blog of my family + friends who blog. if i left you off, i am sorry, and i hope you'll please let me know so I can add you! 
if you read through the rss feeds posted on facebook, i need your opinion. i'm thinking about making a "these are the days" facebook page instead of posting from my personal facebook account so i'm not cluttering up the newsfeed with blog posts for people who are uninterested. what do you think about this idea? leave a comment por favor!


jennifer little said...

love the new look! love the header!

tylerartz said...

I read mostly through reader but occatioally check-in here to comment so I don't pay much attention to headers, and what-not. Thanks for including "TheSimpleLife" on your sidebar though. :-)

Tia Peterson said...

You know how I am about google reader. However, I LOVE this new design and it might make me visit the actual site from now on :)