Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Does a good haircut count as a Christmas miracle?

Yesterday I got my hair cut. This is probably my favorite bi-monthly treat. I love just sitting there, being pampered and listening to my hilarious stylist, Brittany. Last night, we started talking about TV shows. The conversation went from Lifetime movies to Bravo TV to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Aaron and I don't have cable, so I have missed the last two seasons of all non-network TV shows, and so Brittany caught me up on the ongoings of NeNe, Kim, Kandi and the new characters. The cute receptionist heard her talking and came over and jumped in on the conversation, too. Who knew Real Housewives could be such a conversation point?

Anyway, I asked for ~two inches taken off. I like what she did, but somehow I end up being too conservative in how many inches I want cut and walk away thinking it could be shorter yet. You may know how that turned out my freshman year of college....

Here's a picture of the cut. I always tilt my head like this and stand with my hands on my hips. Mom said I've done this since I was a little girl. Aaron says I look like Madeline. I am happy with it. Hoorah!

And if you didn't know me as a freshman in college, this is what I was referring to...

Sorry for throwing you under the bus on this one, too, Tia. At least we can look back and cry laugh together?

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Amanda Ellen said...

now that you pointed that out, you DO look like madeline! <3 it!