Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The New Hargroves

Facebook is no good when it comes to pulling photos. 
Especially when you're pulling photos of a couple who have been dating since 2003.When I get back to Texas I am pulling out the scrapbooks and finding the good stuff - we're talking pre-2006 - and posting it. These two have been my best friends for a long, long time, and I have been lucky enough to be a part of their lives and see their relationship grow, even when Laura was in college in Texas and Wes was in college in California for three and a half years. Yes, it was hard, and yes, they are finally about to do what they've waited their whole lives (or at least the last seven-or-so years) for. Their love and loyalty for each other is something I have always admired, and I am so happy to share in their first steps as a married couple. And they're getting married on Mole Day, 10/23. True nerds. 

Laura and Wesley are getting married, y'all. The New Hargroves. 

NYE party 2007(?)
Spring break trip to White Sands, New Mexico 2007

I stole this photo from their engagement because it is maybe one of my favorite pictures ever. 

I am leaving Wednesday afternoon to head to Texas to prepare for the big celebration and the many celebrations surrounding it. Oh, and guess what? Their wedding photographer is awesome. How do I know? Because she was our wedding photographer, too. Shout out to Leah Muse! It will be fantastic to have Wesley NOT behind the camera for once. 

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