Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas cards

Even though we were married (for five days!) at Christmastime last year, this will be the first year that we really get to celebrate the season together. One of the things I'm looking forward to is sending our first Christmas cards... it should be no surprise that I've already found some ideas I love. The season will be around the corner before we know it!

Here are a few of my favorite designs from I'm curious, do you send Christmas cards? Do you like receiving them, or do you think with the advent of Facebook and other social media it's easier to forgo sending snail mail greetings?



Lindsey said...

We are definitely sending out Christmas cards this year! I can't decide if I want to use a wedding picture (which will be almost a year old) or another one from our more recent life...decisions, decisions!

Emily said...

I am in the same boat, Lindsey! I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a wedding pic, but I think most people have seen our wedding pics, and I'd rather have a timely picture. The downside is that I LOVED our wedding pictures... it will be tough to top them :) Thanks for subscribing, too!

JOY said...

Send cards, it's much more special! I bought mine Sunday!

mspennylane said...

JD and I fully intend to send Christmas cards. And of course they will involve our cats. And possibly really terrible matching sweaters for the four of us. Expect to get one. ;)