Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Change your cheese, change the world.

Say NO! to pre-shredded cheese in cans and YES! to freshly grated cheese.

I grew up in the green-cheese-shaker world. My first cheese-related memory involves me pouring a ton of the stuff on the spaghetti my mom made when my dad was at football practice. My dad hates spaghetti, so, growing up, my mom, sister and I ate it throughout the fall when he wasn't home. That first green can was love to me; the delicious flavor could not be matched. Then, the shaker went empty. We had to replace it with another green can. My world was rocked, and t no parmesan I put on spaghetti ever matched the taste of the first can. I spent the period from 1994-2008 attempting to find that cheese flavor. Admittedly, pizza buffets came the closest.
{mmm, parmesan, my love}

But then, I got married to someone who wasn't home enough to control whether I bought green-shaker-cheese or the real stuff. "Why not?" I thought. So I bought a block and started shredding it myself over meals and salads.

{everybody loves romano}

And my life changed. Finally, a superior taste to the 1994 version of Kraft shredded parmesan! A marriage miracle! A life changed! And so, I implore you readers to STOP THE HABIT of the waxy, processed shaker cheese and step into the galaxy of cheese bliss. You. will. not. regret. it. Amen.

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Amber said...

This makes me laugh b/c just yesterday a threw out of my mom's fridge a bottle of green-shaker-cheese that expired in Jan '09. No joke! Yuck! I haven't blogged for a while but I feel some inspiration setting in from my week long stay "back home." I might just have to get a block of really good parmasean to make up for my traumatic experience of almost eating the expired stuff!