Monday, June 21, 2010

feeling good about being born and better about being alive

ain't no party like an e-nix party 'cause an e-nix party don't stop!
it's summer solstice.
the longest day of the year.
which means it's my birthday, and a time for me to blather gratutiously about myself without fear of recoil.

I had an awesome birthday. When your apartment leaves you a card, cookies and balloons at your doorstep, you don't have to have much else. But I did. I had an awesome office of colleagues who celebrated me by decorating my office, taking me to lunch and allowing me to take possession of Ramon, the office stick pony. Yes, I work at an amazing place.

I came home to cards from Nebraska, Washington, D.C., Breckenridge, Kansas, Texas and a happy birthday letter from one of our World Vision babies in the Dominican Republic. My sweet SIL sent me a Nebraska-shaped cookie cutter. I hate when people say "can you say *blank*?" but CAN YOU SAY AWESOME? I can't wait to make some Cornhusker Cookies with it! Then I went to set and ate cupcakes and rocked out to drum solos and was on the receiving end of the happy birthday song three times. I love those filmies!

So, if this is how 22 begins, then I'm down for it. There was enough happiness in today to last me until 23 at least. Thank you all for being so sweet and wonderful to me. I am seriously blessed, and your well-wishes came at a time when I needed them so much.


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Smitten Design said...

Happy birthday. Now go get youself a puppy and tell Aaron the dog will give you companionship while he's on set. They say it's good practice for babies!