Monday, May 10, 2010

Rock n' Roll


So the movie that I wrote and will be directing this summer is about a garageband metal drummer who has stage fright. It involves an 80s hair band god appearing and giving magical yellow spandex pants. Anyway, I'm excited because this weekend I recorded the massive drum solo that will be at the end of the movie with my lead, Parker McCabe. He very well might be the best person I could have casted in this role and I feel very lucky to have him on board. Awesome actor and as you will see an awesome drummer. This is about 1/8 of the solo and then he goes into the breakdown that will be over the credits in my film. This is just a reference video we were doing at the same time. Enjoy.


rob and tiff said...

he's good, but i think he needs nick's 32 piece set

thefuzzyrobot said...

Aaron -

When I played this on the computer, Jack ran over and started dancing. He is now wanting me to play it over and over. Know that you have an eighteen month old's support! :)