Friday, April 30, 2010


{i do pick favorites when it comes to little dogs. i love lily. the most. she's so chill. aaron will be mad.}
  • My knee hurts LIKE WHOA. I'm having issues with my leg cramping like a charlie horse and my foot cramping up, and now my knee hurts like someone stuck an icepick in between my knee and kneecap and just started hammering it. Maybe I'll cut it off so I can be like my Uncle Bruce. What? You don't think my amputee jokes are funny? My Uncle Bruce does. Sometimes he takes his leg off and throws it. I wish I had pictures. This is my family.
  • Olive is losing teeth. For some reason I didn't anticipate that kitties lost their teeth just as kids do. I think it's super cute and also a good excuse for her poor behavior as of late.
  • We had steak, hot corn and crescent rolls for supper tonight. There was nothing green on our plates. I feel guilty for this; at the same time, I know that it won't hurt to not have veggies for one night.
  • I compared canned corn. There was a definite favorite.
  • Tax returns rock.
  • I need a watering can for my fern on the patio.
  • Aaron made sugar cookies earlier this week and they were GOOD, guys.
  • We need to pack.
  • I want to see our family more. This is impossible right now, but I like to think that one day we'll all live close enough to actually know what's going on in each others' lives.
  • I still want a puppy.


Jillian Anderson said...

eat bananas for your muscles cramps. It is probably from lack of potassium- bananas, orange juice, and potatoes!

do you not remember when Gus lost his teeth? He got blood all over dad's socks that he chewed!

canned corn=yum.

it's not a holiday- why are you eating hot corn?

Emily said...

"I'm eating hot corn because I'm married and when you get married you can do whatever you want." -- This is my (Aaron's) formulated response to you :) He just loves it.