Thursday, April 8, 2010

My cute husband, his papa and his uncles in Destin
I got pink golf balls as a wedding gift from Aaron's dad...
De-li-shus- Arnold Palmer half and half iced tea/lemonade

Good morning, friends! I got a sweet surprise yesterday when I opened my Google reader and saw that my sweet guy had already posted something. Those are the best kind of surprises! This weekend is the Masters tournament, and so we will be watching CBS to see if Tiger, Trevor or Tom make it to the top (those are his top three with Sergio as a darkhorse champion. As I began to date Aaron I realized how much golf was a part of his family life, so I am starting to learn more about it and understand it so I can enjoy it with him. He doesn't have much time to golf lately, but maybe in the future he'll be able to do it a little more.

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