Monday, April 19, 2010

I didn't feel like writing much this evening, so I picked a random picture from a random roll, and this is what came up. Me, AC and Lily- my favorite of Aaron's family's dogs in March of 2008. Lily's independent. And has a really long tail. And is funny. Also, I'm wearing my favorite jeans of all time that I wore out to the point when they couldn't be patched. Sigh. I miss those jeans. We're talking about getting a dog, a Bichon Frise, like the kind Aaron grew up with. A long time ago we decided we'd name a dog like that "Skomie" - slang for Eskimo. Aaron's roommate came up with the term for a film he made, and we kind of adopted it. I don't think I would name a dog that anymore.


Jillian Anderson said...

it think you should get a scottie instead, and still name it scarf. ps you better not neglect poor livards and gizzards

Emily said...

I agreed to get a Bichon before we got a Scottie. Trust, the Scarf will come :) And he will be ADORABLE!

Chelsea said...

scarf hehe..
by the way, would you be interested in going camping/canoeing/kayaking down the Sante Fe river this summer? A few good friends of mine were talking about this, so I'd love for you and Aaron to come, I know you guys like traveling/camping :)
i'll keep you updated if you are interested in going!!!

Emily said...

Chels- I'd love to know more!
Jill- I will never neglect my Livy Suh!