Monday, February 1, 2010

Manic Monday

We got home from Sarasota at 4 a.m. last night. I was up for work two hours later.


I'm hoping this week flies by so we can pack up our stuff in this house and be on our merry way out the door. Any sort of sentiment I was holding on to about Gumby disappeared at about 6:45 this morning when I walked in to the kitchen and there were roaches on the floor, sink and cupboard door. You guys, we are not dirty people, and there was no food or standing water anywhere. UGH. I'm so grossed out.

I killed one roach that really pissed me off by spraying him dead with toxic chemicals, which is totally against how I feel about using such chemicals. It was in our sink, and now I'm paranoid I'll never get that poison out of the sink. It was early and I was really angry. Any ideas?

Also, I think Vienna on The Bachelor is an awful ick. And I feel sad for Corrie. I feel like the virgins always get patronized and then when it actually comes down to picking a wife, these guys completely disavow anything they previously said. I'm thankful for the good guys in real life! Like the one I married. who is locked in his writing dungeon thinking of story ideas. Nose to the grindstone all the time for him...

I promise I'll write a coherent post sometime soon. Adios, amigos.

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