Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok, so it's 11pm and I just got home from my genres class. We are studying Independent Cinema for the next 4 weeks. As if that is a genre. Anyway, we watched Herzog's "Even Dwarfs Started Small."

I've seen some pretty crazy stuff in my time, but this might just take the cake for a movie that has no point, that I hated, that hypnotized me, that made complete sense, that made me want to walk out on, that made me laugh a whole lot. Here's the gist. The entire cast is dwarfs. A group of dwarfs get kicked out of their school when they start rebelling. Soon we are on long shots of chickens eating each other, cars driving themselves in circles, constant laughing, animal cruelty, talking to trees, blind guys, camels, and just all around nonsense. I can't get over this movie. I just want to know what it was like to be on that crew.

Anyway, I'm home and I love being home because I get to spend time with my beautiful wife. She's so amazing and comforting. My heart just melts when I see her as I walk in the door. It wasn't long ago when I would walk through that same door and just feel alone, longing for her. Even if I don't get to see her the entire day, as long as I can go home and hold her in my arms, it's an amazing day. I never want to take her for granted. I'm so blessed with e.

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