Sunday, February 7, 2010


Interweb be damned.

My feelings were hurt when a conversation turned into a semi-public retort of an entire situation, albeit unaddressed.
So, in response, I cried. When I wanted to be mean, I cried. It's probably a first.
And I feel like being mean might have felt better at the time, but I don't think I would have felt any different than I do right now as I sit here typing this.

We're all guilty of doing hurtful things, willingly and sometimes unwillingly, and so I hope as you readers look over this, if I've wronged you, you accept my apologies and forgive me my trespasses.

Maybe a personal blog isn't the best way to do this. I'm sorry if that offends any of you readers, legitimately, genuinely sorry, and I hope that if it does, you'll talk to me about it. I don't think honest, edifying words hurt a situation. Just e-mail me at if you have something you'd wish to [privately] say. Otherwise, post any honest, edifying thoughts here.

I promise the next post will be happier.


Chelsea said...

tomorrow is a brand new day! smile because life is too short to linger in sad moments : ) i love you!

Emily said...

Thanks, love. I adore your beautiful blue elephant! I want to see you soon.