Thursday, January 7, 2010

heart and soul and voice

In middle school choir (I think) we sang a song. Some of the words were
with heart and soul and voice give thanks and praise to God
give thanks
and praise
give thanks
and praise
to God who made the heaven and earth be
glory, thanks and praise.

And in my quiet apartment all alone I'm giving thanks and praise, with heart and soul and voice, and it's nice because no one is here to hear what I'm saying.

I promised I'd get laundry done, and that's what I'm doing.

AND GUESS WHAT? We got a new apartment. We won't be moving until the middle of next month (sad face) but we're blessed that we can move at all and that the place we're going to is won.der.ful.l.l.l.l.l.l. and I love my husband for saying "OH YEAH!" when he first toured. Tonight I'll post pictures.

Also, I bought a red salad spinner at Target today with a gift card and it was such a nice feeling and I'm excited to not buy stinking expensive bagged salad and instead buy greens and wash them in my salad spinner. This was actually one of the things I was hoping we'd get as a wedding gift, but since we got gift monies from some incredibly generous friends and family members of ours, I put a leetle bit of that to good use for my lovely huge salad spinner.

I'm sorry, the box says "Salad & FRUIT spinner."

So looks like tonight I'll post pictures of the new apartment and maybe whatever else I want while I watch the Texas/Alabama game... No comments on my predictions for this game. I really don't care except for one part of it... Let's just say I hope a certain defense can do what another certain defense did in december to a certain (cocky) quarterback and his offense...


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