Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night, Aaron hooked up his laptop to the TV via cords and we watched the Iowa/Georgia Tech game via computer via some sketch bootleg TV station. "Stupid Fox" shouldn't be broadcasting NCAA football games, Aaron kept saying... I wasn't too interested, so I went to bed pretty early. But I do think it's cool that we can not have cable but still watch those shows we're dying to see (Real Housewives) via the interwebz. Also, PizzaMia pizza is gross.

Also, I unpacked almost all of the boxes from our home!

Also, I went and looked at a nice apartment yesterday. It was all I could think of last night after I went to the bathroom and there was a roach crawling across the floor. It kind of depressed me, since they're crawling out from under the peeling lineoleum, and we can't just take out the flooring, so I decided to go sulk for a little while. I thought about that nice, clean apartment and how there weren't wads of chewed gum in the carpet. Or stickers shellacked on to the floor. Etc etc etc. There's one thing about this place I do like though; it has really nice vaulted ceilings. The unit I looked at yesterday (A. was in class) was a first floor unit, so no vaulted ceilings. Our choices are to forgo the "open" kitchen/living room and wait until next week to see the second floor unit with vaulted ceilings but an enclosed kitchen. Le sigh.

I'm waiting for the birth certificate to make it's way to Tallahassee so I can go to the social security office and become socially secure with my new last name. It's a great excuse to sit here and blog :)

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