Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I can't watch "Say Yes to the Dress."

I have never felt like I love my dress or that my dress was "me." I'm glad for the relationship Aaron and I have, because I think I'd care a lot more about how my dress looked if I was worried that he wouldn't think I was beautiful. Knowing that he doesn't care about the dress- or anything like that- relieves me, and helps me know that Aaron won't be waiting for me at the end of the aisle because of what I'm wearing.

Anyway, when I watch this show, it makes me sad because I never had those moments where the girls look into the mirror and start to tear up or share great smiles of jubilation. It's the biggest regret of this experience so far, I think, even though I have no way of knowing that if I'd waited or looked longer for a dress I would find that "one" that makes me have that reaction.



claire said...

I think it is wonderful that you aren't worrying about your dress; you will be a beautiful bride regardless of what you wear!

Elizabeth said...

Someone asked me today if I watch that show, and I don't for your same reasons.

I did have the teary, this-is-the-dress moment, but have felt doubt afterward because I never pictured myself in a dress like that, and I didn't try on many others.

But, you're right. It doesn't matter. Everyone will think you look beautiful (because you are) and no one will think about all the other dresses in the world you COULD have worn.