Saturday, November 14, 2009

round 1

JT won tonight in round one of the playoffs. yeehaw!

I'm upset because I can't sleep because my room is SO LIGHT. Living here is a pain; the miniblinds don't keep out the street lights well at all. So I'm in the living room tonight. It's a little darker here and a little more conducive to sleeping.

Thank God intramurals are done for the week (and season?). No, I mean it; God, thank you for ending IMs for now. I can't handle whistles blowing every minute for 3 hours nightly. On top of the lights from the field. And the yelling.

Yea! for figuring out what my hair is going to look like at the wedding (beautiful).
Yea! for seeing my favorite people in one week (mom, dad, jillian, aaron + millie, henpen, goose)
Yea! for getting PUMPED for wedding stuff!

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