Sunday, October 11, 2009

wedding dream.

We're in this poorly lit room. Everyone (EVERYONE!) at the wedding is standing in a circle holding hands. The bridal party (except for me) comes running from a door that's technically on the second story of the building, and they're all holding hands, too. I can't find Aaron, so I ask my dad, who said he thought he went over to the next building because he wanted to dance at the other wedding, too. Then I see Aaron in the line of our bridal party, and the entire group is running (kind of like a conga line, except holding hands) and they apparently were all track stars because they're hurdling tables.

The overhead lights go out and a GIANT cake is wheeled in. It's covered in lights and looks sort of like the Pumpkin coach that Cinderella rides in. It is MASSIVE. The bridal party, still running around like crazies, narrowly avoid hitting the cake as it is wheeled in. Then the cake starts to rock back and forth. Someone in the bridal party runs face-first in to the cake. The Chris Brown song "Forever" starts playing and everyone leaves the dance floor except for Aaron's mom and my uncle and my cousin. Not only do they leave the dance floor, they say they're offended by the song and leave the wedding. Aaron goes with them and I get in a truck and sit there.


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