Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It really sucks to be planning some of this all by myself.
That's all.

{edited to add: "all by myself" as in without the assistance of the fiance who due to time and location restraints cannot be here (in nebraska) or there (in texas) ever. my mom is a saint and is taking care of so much of it. the stuff that she can't do because it's up to me (and theoretically him) is what i'm complaining about.}

{third edit: i'm not saying it's his fault. please don't think that. it'd be easy to blame him, which i have, wrongly, in the past. i'm simply saying it sucks, in general, no fault, no blame.}

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ash said...

love you. Just remember: this (planning, distance, stress) is temporary... only a few more months and you will be Mrs. Nix, living with Mr. Nix. Also, remember: no one will care if the ribbons on the cake aren't the same exact color as the napkins. No one will remember the little details. We will only remember the happiness in your faces as you walk down the aisle and the love in your eyes when you promise to spend the rest of your lives serving each other and God through married life. THAT is what the day is truly about... well, that and a wicked awesome dance party! ; )