Friday, October 23, 2009

lame friday night post

I'm going to bed in six minutes (it's 9:54) because I have to be at work at 8 a.m. for a tailgate. I got 3 cool pieces of mail today and one marginal one: a free notecard from a stationer whom I love, a request to renew my support for the Ross theater, a package of information from a potential employer (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and, the least cool thing, a thank you card from the lady who sold me aaron's wedding band. least cool because today when I went back in to the store, she looked at me, no clue who I was, as I got my ring cleaned. I didn't expect her to remember me, but I guess I just found the whole "thank you" idea really silly because I never felt "thanked" to begin with. But boo to that----I had 3 awesome things that happened! And dinner with my best friend! And I tried on five different colors of nail polish for the wedding! And I exchanged a pair of jeans for another pair two sizes smaller!

Oh, and today, this guy had his directorial debut:

Well, it maybe wasn't his debut, but he had his first shoot in the D1 series of something-or-another and I don't know what any of it means, because I hardly talk to him, much less understand the complications of film school, but he said it went well...
....he was sleeptalking, though. I must have called about 10 minutes after he fell asleep. I could tell because I asked "do you want to talk?" and he said "everything went well, i was glad." sort of there, mostly not. justttt twoooooo moreeee monthhhhsss and all this dumb never talking, different time zones stuff will be gone. i can't wait.

OK, it's now 10:02 and I have wasted 2 minutes of precious sleep. Goodnight, blogland.


Tia Peterson said...

I like lame Friday nights :)

Emily said...

oh no, it was most definitely the POST, not the night, that was lame :)

Bo said...


I don't know if it would ever be any help, but one of my former students just graduated from Full Sail in Orlando with his focus on director / making movies. Another one of my students graduated from Grand Valley and has already had the chance to work on this new movie "Whip It," as well as, some other stuff. I mention all of this because if those contacts would be helpful to your fiance in the future please let me know. Also, I'll have to tell you something else kind of cool. Drop me an email sometime.