Monday, October 5, 2009

I can't find Cardinology.

What would I do if I could go to a Ryan Adams concert again very soon? Be very, very happy happy. Because today I wanted to listen to "Cardinology" and I can't find it (I think it was left in Texas) and I REALLLLLYYYY want to listen to it. Don't you hate when you do that?

When I listen to an album of his, I generally listen to two or three days worth of his work and then retire it for a few weeks and then start again.

Dear Mr. Adams,
Thanks for being a good poet and artist but I'm still really sad you married Mandy Moore. Maybe you could release a book called How to Deal with Mandy Moore and use the movie poster as the cover of the book. You could write about anything you wanted but please explain what your relationship is like with her because I'm intrigued. But I really do hope you're happy. I don't think we'd work out so I guess I'm not really SAD you married Mandy Moore. Sorry I lied.

So if you live in Lincoln and want to lend me your Cardinology CD for two weeks or so until I can go back to Texas and reclaim my copy I'd do something nice for you if you let me OH PLEASE OH PLEASE. I swear I wouldn't think it's weird if you (whoever you are) commented and told me YES EMILY YES YOU MAY BORROW THAT CD! Or just e-mail me or something. Or drop it at my door (OK, that'd be creepy but still kind of awesome 'cept for I wouldn't know how to return your album.) For rulls.


Amanda said...

I told you I'd comment. However, I can be of no assistance. Please forgive me for not having a wide selection of music or cds in my possession for that matter. We can still be friends I hope.

Emily said...

I'm just going to sit in my room and play his songs (but not the right ones) and be melancholic. But I guess we can still be friends.

lvillegas said...

i'm leaving you a comment too because i said i'd comment. so here's my comment. now you get to find my blog (it's on my facebook website) and comment me back.
ps if you want more people to read your blog you should put yours there too (mainly because now i can only find your blog when you post it)

i stopped liking mandy more when she did that weird "Jesus" movie, also when she went on jay leno and said she liked the work f***. boo mandy more.

Emily said...

"Saved?" I LOVED Saved. But I don't like Leno. OK, now I'm going back to yours :)