Sunday, October 25, 2009

baggus of grocerus

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things ever. There's something spectacular about the (responsi)(a)bility of taking care of yourself in the most basic of ways. And it's FUN. I could walk down aisles for hours and hours and plan things in my head. They usually don't come to fruition, though, because I'm making food for myself. Say it with me...

"Juuuuuuuuuuuust one."

One of the things I find myself missing the most while Aaron's in Florida is going to the grocery store alone. Even though we lived in separate places, we would often make trips to the grocer together. I'd chide him over buying another frozen pizza, he'd tell me he would NEVER NEVER eat the cereal I bought because it looked like cardboard. It's a good thing we can agree on 2 percent milk---with his occassional recommendation that when we get married we'd drink whole milk. YIKES! But it was fun. I miss it and I can't wait to plan meals with him for us soon.

So in a couple of hours I'm going to the grocery store alone to buy food for the next couple of weeks. I'm thinking I'll have three more trips like this before ze wedding. Whoa... eight weeks will zip past me, I'm sure.

{edited to add (at 4:48 p.m.) I still have not gone grocery shopping but am going soon and maybe even now ok thanks}

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lvillegas said...

you should have texted/called me or maybe i should have texted/called you. i went to the grocery store alone this afternoon.