Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tonight I got to spend almost an hour on the phone with Aaron. We haven't talked for longer than 10 minutes since he began his grad work in Florida in August, and it was so nice to hear how his life is going beyond the "my day was good," "I'm tired" stuff. Yeah, this post isn't interesting, but it's important to me. I began to write something earlier about being tired and frustrated, but I decided nobody wanted to hear my sob story... this happened instead. He didn't have production tonight, got a chance to call me, and we caught up on life. I feel relieved to have not forgotten or lost touch with the wonderful guy I get to marry in a couple of months. That may sound silly, but I still get nervous about being "long distance," especially when he's working 12-15 hours a day and we have precious little time to develop good conversation by phone. Half of the time we talk, one of us has been asleep for an hour. It will be SO much better to be in the same time zone, much less house :) Oh, and did I mention I can't wait to be married to him? Because I can't. And if you were the person who said a prayer for us today, thank you!

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Laura said...

the=(one of the) person(s) that said a prayer for us today...

Love you. So glad to know you're doing well.