Monday, September 21, 2009

Vampires: just what I wanted

Why do I want to watch a show about vampires? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I'm too awake to fall asleep and, after a bout with flu last week, I'm nervous to get back to classes because of all I'm sure I've missed. [Insert dramatic sigh here.] This newfound desire to watch True Blood is partially thanks to my friend MD, with whom I share an affinity for amazing reality shows (namely Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis) and chain restaurants (Hyannis' TGIFridays' macaroni and cheese and Boston's Cheesecake Factory thankyouverymuch). Don't worry, instead of actually watching the show, I'm going to blog about wanting to watch it. That's how I do.

Trying to decide on weddin' shoes. Our colors are green, gold and dark brown, and I would love to have something gold and fabulous, like these J. Crew heels. (Realistically priced, of course.)

It irritates me that so much of what I am writing about lately is buying things. I don't like that as a motif in my life, and I know that when marriage sets in, I will be much more well-served if I have practiced a lifestyle of un-thinking buying beforehand. My fiance is NOT a spender. And I shouldn't be, but I love things. I inherited it from my mother. However, I have not yet cultivated her prowess for frugality. Starting tomorrow? (I say tomorrow only because it's 45 minutes away and I have no intention of purchasing anything at this time.)

Also, for college students who are getting married, it's a LOT different to read these "how-to" marriage books. Specifically the budgeting chapters. Why? Because they depend so much on constructing a budget around the fixed income that most people (employed, of course) recieve. I do not fall in to that category, unless you count my student position at the U. A's a grad student putting in 13 hour days, 7 days a week, so it will fall on my shoulders to be the breadwinner until he finishes his MFA in 2011. Terrified much? You bet I am. We know we will implement a budget, but the hypotheticals leave us paralyzed. "Practicing" budgeting seems like an exercise in futility until we know what our situation will be when we are really married. *Also scary, the fact that neither of us can guarantee I will have a job when I move down south. This, understandably, was my parents' greatest concern in our decision to get married... And it's a prayer, every night, that there will be something to cover our bills for me. I'm trusting (because I have no other choice). So keep us in your prayers.

...So I guess I want to watch shows about vampires because they take my mind away from the fact that in ninety days I'm going to need a job capable of sustaining myself and a very hungry boy. I want vampires. I need God.

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